Marcos Davidson. Goldsmith.

Marcos Davidson is a master craftsman in gold and silver smithing, Bakelite carving, conservation and designing and fabricating unique architectural fittings.

He trained as a young man on the jewellery benches of Melbourne’s finest jewellers alongside craftsmen from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Hungary and Russia. There he learned the traditions of gold and silver smithing, working with metals, gem hunting, setting, casting and developing designs.

Over the past 40 years he has applied these master skills to all his work to create unique pieces for clients around the world.

Marcos works with clients through a design process to select metals, gems, shapes, then carves and makes by hand his distinctive pieces, ( earrings, bracelets, chains, brooches, pendant and men’s jewellery). Each piece is hallmarked with Marcos Davidson hallmarks to authenticate it.

His architectural pieces range from hand carved granite sinks, to water features carved from boulders, and chandeliers wired from pure crystal quartz. He is also highly skilled in conservation such as French polishing and gilding.

Marcos is both craftsman and fine artist and maintains a consistent exhibition program here and overseas.

Explore this site for many examples of Marcos’s unique work.